Tabular lugs
Tubular Lugs - 3D-2958 to 3D-2497
Cable Lugs for Compression Connections cover plate type as per DIN 46 235
Material: Electrolytic copper
Surface: Electro tinned
Sheet Metal Lugs - 3D-3044
With Insulating Sleeve (Flat Pin Type-Double Grip)
Material: ETP-Copper with PVC Sleeve
Surface: Tin Plated
Tabular lugs
Comet Single Compressoin Type Medium Duty Cable Gland (SIBG)
Comet Weather Proof and Flame Proof Cable Gland
Tabular lugs
Terminal blocks
Universally Mountable Terminals for one input and one output for pin type lug suitable for 0.5 to 95 sq mm conductor size.
Tabular lugs
Thermoplastic and Metallic Cable Glands
Parallel Groove Conduits and Connectors
Industrial Plugs Sockets and Enclosures
Tabular lugs
Tabular lugs
Electronic hooter with revolving light, Flasher, revolving lights - lamp, LED type and Tower light
Tabular lugs
Flame proof, Lighting Equipment & Accessories

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